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Choose the best Romania guided tours. Join us and discover amazing Dracula related places such as Sighisora Citadel, the Count’s birthplace or Bran Castle, famous because of Bram Stoker’s novel. Furthermore, explore important historical and cultural highlights. Medias City falls in the later category.

Romania Guided Tours – Medias and Dracula


Situated on the Tarnava Valley, Medias is one of the oldest cities in Romania, first mentioned by documents in the 13th century. In addition to the medieval fortifications, its architecture displays a surprising mixture between Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Empire styles.

Medias also has a few connections to Dracula. First of all, in Bram Stoker’s novel, the protagonist, Jonathan Harker, enjoys a wine called ‘Auriu de Medias’. In translation, that meas ‘Medias Golden Wine’. One legend claims that they served this particular wine at Dracula’s Wedding.

Historically, Vlad The Impaler has visited Medias in unfavorable circumstances. Apparently, in 1462, Matthias Corvinus, the Hungarian ruler, locked Vlad in Maria’s Tower for four hours. After that, they continued their travel to Visegrad Prison, near Budapest. Vlad spend 12 years imprisoned here for treason. After that, he was forced to live in Buda until 1475, when he returned to rule Wallachia until his assassination in December 1476.

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Did we raise your interest with this brief history lesson? Join our amazing Romania guided tours and then you will find out loads of other facts like this. In addition, our experienced guide, as well as locals you will encounter will reveal several dark legends related to the Count.

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