Go on our amazing escorted tours to Romania. Discover our country and visit impressive highlights. Each itinerary includes unforgettable cultural and historical landmarks as well as places related to Vlad the Impaler, the ruthless ruler known as Dracula. Almost all of our tours depart from or at least include Bucharest as a destination.

According to the legend, a shepherd named ‘Bucur’ (in English, his name means ‘joy’) founded the city of Bucharest. He dazzled the locals with his flute playing. Because of this and his hearty wine from neaby vineyards, the local traders endeared him and named the place after him.

Escorted tours to Romania – Visit ‘Little Paris’

Palace of the Parliament

Due to the city’s elegant architecture, Bucharest received the nickname ‘Paris of th East’ or ‘Little Paris’. Unfortunately, most of the city’s surviving medieval architecture fell victim to the Communists. During their reign, they destroyed a lot of historical buildings and replaced them with Communist apartment blocks.

Still, some historical precincts remain, most of them in Lipscani area. This precinct contains buildings such as Manuc’s Inn and the ruins of the Curtea Veche (the Old Court of the King). During the Middle Ages, this was the heart of Bucharest’s commercial world.

Visit Bucharest and then discover amazing highlights such as the Arch of Triumph or the Village Museum. One of the most famous landmarks present in our capital is the Palace of the Parliament. Its initial name was ‘House of the Republic’ (before 1989) and then ‘People’s house’ (after the fall of Communism). Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu commissioned this building in an attempt to replicate The Pyongyang in North Korea. He never got to see it finished.

Work on the Palace of the Parliament began in 1984 and ended in 1997, long after the dictator had been executed. The ‘People’s House’ is the world’s third largest administrative building area-wise, after The Pentagon and the Long’ao Building. As a fun-fact – although it wasn’t fun for the people involved – an entire neighborhood had to be demolished in order to make space for this giant construction.

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