Join us on the best holidays to Romania. Visit amazing landmarks such as Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, the land of Dracula. Discover its history by visiting the Clock Tower Museum. Choose a Halloween tour and you will also attend our fun party.

Holidays to Romania – Highlights

Sighisoara’s founders are the Saxons. The citadel still stands as one of Europe ‘s most beautiful inhabited fortified cities. The historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sighisoara has played a crucial strategic and commercial role in the region. Nowadays, it hosts an annual summer festival which reunites knight guilds, actors, singers and tourists for three days of medieval remembrance.

Clock Tower in Sighisoara

The Clock Tower of Sighisoara , with its daily changing figurines which announce the hour, counts the minutes of the painful waiting until the arrival of the loved one. The Citadel remained a ‘magic shelter’ for the lovers who want to protect themselves against the indiscreet eye and hide in the narrow streets or in the “Pupils’ Covered Stairs”. A tour by caleche makes you forget that you came by coach and that there are supermarkets in the city.

Visit Vlad Dracul’s House, the place where Vlad the 3rd the Impaler, also known as Dracula, was born. The house is nowadays a cosy restaurant, with Gothic-style furniture and excellent Romanian cuisine.

Halloween Party in Sighisoara

On Halloween, join us in the basement of a medieval 3* hotel for the best Party in Tranylvania. We welcome you with a shot of ‘tuica’ (Romanian ‘water of fire’) and then you will enjoy a delicious three course meal. Attend special events such as Vampiresa Hunting – an amazing choreography – followed by an unforgettable magic show. Last, but not least, take part in the unique Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead. Bring your costume and party till morning! Take advantage of our Open Bar service, between 8 PM and 1 AM.

Book the best holidays to Romania now and then have the time of your life in the land of Dracula!

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