Have fun on our unforgettable tours. Enjoy the best Transylvanian holidays and discover Dracula related places such as Sighisoara Citadel – Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace – or Bran Castle. Apart from these highlights, our itineraries also include unique cultural and historical places. One of these places is the Medieval Saxon city of Sibiu.

Transylvanian Holidays – Sibiu


Sibiu was the European Cultural Capital for 2007. According to the legend, a ruined German landlord founded Sibiu in 1002, which is why its German name is ‘Hermannstadt’ (Herman’s town).

The fortified town had four fortification circles, built at different times and four gates. These were guarded by four guilds: the shoemakers, the tailors, the butchers and the furriers.

The Old Saxon city is surrounded by a medieval atmosphere. Sibiu is the place to put your love to test. A local legend says that the Bridge of Liars would collapse if anyone utters any lies while crossing it. Almost every building and every street in the city pretends to have witnessed several love stories, be they happy or sad.

The first museum ever built in Romania was in Sibiu – Brukental museum. This landmark exists since 1817, when Baron Brukental founded it. The museum houses the works of some famous artists, such as Rubens, Van Dyck, Frans Snyder and Jordaens. In addition to these, Brukental also hosts a valuable silverware collection bearing the signature of a great maestro of the 16th century, Sebastian Hann, religious objects and photos of the ancient Sibiu.

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