Spend an amazing weekend in Transylvania or go on a 3-days or a 7-days itinerary. Travel to the land of Dracula and discover amazing historical and cultural places. Explore cities filled with impressive attractions and then find out more about the real life Vlad the Impaler. Below you can read about the Medieval Saxon city of Brasov and its amazing landmarks.

Weekend in Transylvania – Brasov


Brasov was for centuries the gate between Valachia (southern Romania ), Moldavia (the Eastern region) and Transylvania. As such, it benefited of its own special commercial privileges. Therefore, craftsmen and traders prospered in the city. The origins of Brasov lie in the Middle Ages. During the 13th Century, Saxon settles arrived here and found an established Romanian community.

The best-know monument in Brasov is the Gothic “Black Church”, built during the 14 th century. Initially, its name used to ‘St. Mary’s Church’. The religious edifice earned its current nickname after the great fire of 1689 blackened its walls. The church prides itself with the largest organ in Europe – you can attend unique concerts every week.

As Brasov was frequently attacked by the Turks, defensive walls and tours were built. Therefore, it soon became the strongest fortified city of Transylvania. The old citadel still stands, as well as the Weavers’ Tower.

Brasov is also one of the favourite holiday resorts in Romania – its surrounding offers great sights equally in summer as in winter. Once you arrive in Brasov, you can admire the Hollywood style letters on Tampa mountain, spelling the city’s name. We recommend climbing the mountain with the cable car. The views from the top are spectacular and you have the opportunity to take amazing photos.

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